What is NCknows?

NCknows is a service that allows North Carolina residents to get help from librarians and use their library resources remotely through a computer. By "chatting" online with a librarian, you can get the most from your library, including access to articles, audiobooks and more from NC LIVE. Whatever you need, NCknows will be able to get you started. It's free, helpful and easy. We've helped thousands of NC patrons over the years, including k12 students, business information seekers, college students, people looking for good books and many many more.

Who is NCknows?

NCknows is staffed by librarians from academic and public libraries in North Carolina and our afterhours are monitored by librarians and student librarians. By coordinating with participating libraries across the state, we are able to offer reference help 24/7 except for Sat/Sun midnight to 8 AM.

How is NCknows supported?

NCknows is a pilot project supported by a grant under the Federally-funded Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA). The project is administered by the State Library of North Carolina in Raleigh with help from a committee of librarians and directors from North Carolina's libraries.