NCknows in the Classroom

Hello North Carolina Teachers! We are very happy to help you and your class find and use information in NC LIVE and online.

We Can:

We Cannot:

  • Accomodate an entire class at once without prior warning.  
  • Help students or classes from outside North Carolina. If you are a teacher from outside of North Carolina, I'd happy to help you find the service that may be able to provide you with help.  
  • Accomodate abusive students.


In-Class Help

We are happy to provide in-class help during your class session. However, we are unable to do so without prior notification. Prior notification allows us to schedule enough librarians to help an entire class. Without prior notification, many students will have to wait until we finish with others before we can help them. Please send an email to with the class assignment, the time of the class, the amount of students in the class, the name of the school and any comments you think would be useful. Thanks.

Finetune Assignments

Many students become frustrated when there is not adequate information to address their topics or assignment. Our librarians can help you avoid this by checking your assignment against the resources we have available. We will let you know if there is enough information on the topic and will make suggestions that may help your students avoid frustration. Simply email the assignment to and be sure to included the grade level as well.

Live Virtual Visits

An alternative to helping each student individually with identical assignments is to show an entire class how to do the research they need to do at one time. This will save your students much time and frustration and allow them to spend their computer time productively. While it helps if classrooms have a projector connected to a computer for this, it is not entirely necessary. Email and we can discuss the best way to do this.

Online Training Modules Specific to Your Assignments

We would be happy to record online training modules specific to your students assignments (see example below). The online videos would be prepared before your class and can be used anytime you like. In addition, you are of course welcome to use them over and over anytime. Email with your assignment and the date you need it and we will get started!


In addition you can use our pre-made videos on general topics.

Connect Your to Your Local Public Library

Need a "real" flesh and blood librarian in the classroom? Sending students to their local public for information? Help with passwords or library cards? We would be happy to be a liason between your class and your local library. Just tell us what school you are from and we'll be sure to match you up with right department. Email