Project Goals

From the LSTA Statewide Leadership Project Plan:

"This project will enable staff from public and academic libraries to cooperate in provision of virtual reference service to North Carolinians. The end users will be able to communicate via the Internet in live “chat” sessions with reference librarians. A single web interface will be developed as the starting point. The virtual reference software to be used, and the organizational model for sharing the work among partner libraries, will be based on efforts already in place throughout the country. The project will provide an opportunity to evaluate whether a collaborative virtual reference project is beneficial to users and libraries."

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Download 2004-2005 Plan in Microsoft Word format or PDF.

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Profiles subcommittee conference call, June 11
June 4
- Profiles subcommittee conference call
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April 30


Conference calls, December 10
- Vendor responses to RFI part 2 questions
- Evaluation RFP, Project timetable
September 27
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