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NC LIVE is an online collection of newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias and other information available to North Carolinians. Many of the resources in NC LIVE are not found on the web through search engines like Google.

Using NC LIVE while chatting with a librarian can be tricky. Here are some tips:

  • Pop-Up Blockers: Please turn these off temporarily to allow the databases to open up in a new window.
  • New Windows: NC LIVE will open databases in new windows. While we can still use these new windows together, be sure to check the chat conversation in the original window for new messages. You can also change the size of the windows so that new messages will appear "behind" the database window.
  • Passwords: If you are a North Carolina resident, please contact your local library for a password to use NC LIVE.
  • Disconnected? If you are accidentally disconnected, simply return to NCknows and re-ask your question, we should be able to pick you up again. If you are unable to reconnect, we will still be able to contact you through the email address you submitted.
  • Questions? Comments? Please contact us.

NCknows is made possible with funds granted by the North Carolina State Library under the Library Services and Technology Act.
Do you need help or have a question? Contact us.